Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend

It was Memorial Weekend.
There were parades etc, but basically it was about remembering those who have given theirs lives in many wars.
I find it sad and such a shame.

On Saturday we had plans to shop for stuff for the garden, then get the garden organized ready for the summer.
The weather has been glorious.  We wanted to make the most of it before it gets too bloody hot.
I know, I know,.....I am never happy unless I am miserable.
But, it does get extremely hot here during our relatively short summer so you have to pick your moments to do outside stuff.
It didn't happen.
Philip was on support this weekend and he was called about 5 times Friday night to solve work related issues.
This resulted in him getting very little ( if any ) sleep.
Saturday then he was mostly sleeping.
I, on the other hand, was mostly bimbling.

Sunday, out to brekkie first and then we hit the garden centres ( I nearly spelled that 'centers' then...I have been here too long).
We bought some new garden ornaments ( one is another gnome, I love gnomes. I wanted the one with the watering can but Philip said it had a miserable face, so I had to get the one with a shovel.  Maybe the one with the shovel is planning on digging a hole for old misery guts and then stealing his watering can.......oh dear.......I really should get out more).
The afternoon was spent arranging the ornaments (finding the old ones in the garage took most of the time) and then re-arranging them several times.
I like to group them in clusters of things that I think would get on with each other.  I don't want there to be any unpleasantness between the gnomes (avec or sans shovel) and say.......the rabbit with the butterfly.  The frogs can be a bit tiresome too so I put them in the corner so they don't irritate the hedgehogs and the tortoise.
It is like a 'league of nations' out there during the summer.
The new bird bath, table and chairs all look lovely.  I am very pleased with those.  Cheap too, which is never a bad thing.

Monday we said 'sod it' and went out for a drive. We didn't know where we were going but finished up going through some nice little towns and farms.
Coming home we had ice cream sundaes and got indoors just before it started to thunder.

Today........disappointing news.
Brother ( my fave band ) are unable to be at River Rhythms this summer.

What????   No men in leather kilts !!!!!   No muscly hairy legs waving about all over the place !!!
How pants is that???

I am sure Philip will be mortified............:)


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