Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ground control to Major Tom

Yes...I had another "Major Tom" moment yesterday.

It all started when I saw a robin sitting in garden.  He wasn't flying anywhere.......just sitting.
Nearby was another robin.
Ah, thought I, that must be a fledgling and that is the mum watching over him.
I know that if you see a fledgling you should leave it alone as the mum is usually nearby.

A bit later, through the window I saw a boy looking over my fence at something.  I went to see what he was looking at as he picked up a stick and tried to throw it at this poor bloody robin which was still there.
I banged on the window and yelled at him so loud, I think I scared this kid half to death.
I doubt anyone has ever shouted at him like that.
I will say that in these parts, parents could do with taking note of a phrase I read....
"Children are here to be loved........NOT WORSHIPPED."

Anyway, on closer inspection I saw that this bird was injured.  It was also an adult.  American robins are way bigger than British they would be wouldn't they?
I got a box and gently picked him up and brought him indoors.
His wing was bleeding.
I then had my........"Oh bugger, now what do I do?" moment, particularly relevant to someone who has 5 cats.
I put him in the upstairs, spare bedroom and shut the door.  There were 5 very interested parties sitting on the landing.
Looking online, I found that the Wisconsin Humane Society, have a wildlife rescue dept and I duly rang them and arranged to take the bird in when Philip got home.
Poor Philip.....yet another rescue....he is so kind.
He said he didn't mind taking me and the latest 'Major Tom' to the animal hospital and we arrived there around 6.30pm.
I have to admit I felt sure the bird would snuff it on the way but he did make it in there to a very nice lady who popped him in an incubator to warm him up a bit.
She said it looked like a hawk  may have attacked him and we do sometimes see a red tail hawk around.
We then made a $20 donation (Oh what am I like?) and she told us we could ring or email to see how our robin was doing.
To be honest I will be surprised if he lasted the night but who knows what a little bit of care and attention might do.
I cannot see anything suffer, be abused, neglected or in any way harmed without stepping in and doing something.
I have sent them an email.  We shall see.
Oh...then I felt bad because she said the other robin was probably his mate.  Oh I am worried about that one being alone, with babies (probably)........oh dear.

I will blog tomorrow about my ongoing saga of the computer scammers who think I am more green than I am cabbage looking.


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