Friday, May 21, 2010

Bun Bun

Here is a picture of Bun Bun.
I know it looks a bit foggy but I had to take it through the window. The creature behind him is not a rare American Mammoth Golden Frog but an ornament.

The basement inspector chappy came yesterday with the boss man from Crackbusters, who did the repairs.
It seems that all is in order.
The walls really need painting now but I don't think Philip is inclined to do this so we may have to find a man who can.
It is such a large area to paint and Philip has never pretended to be any sort of DIYer.
The "man who can" will also have to be a "man who is cheap" as we have no spare money now.

Blaine, Boss man of Crackbusters, has offered to find us a condo in Wisconsin Dells during the summer.
He says he could get us a week there for around $400 - $500.
This is VERY reasonable for Wisconsin Dells.
We would have to pay this much and more EACH to stay in one of the big resorts.
I asked him about it yesterday and he said each condo is part of a complex with swimming pools etc.
So, as soon as I have firm dates for Lauren's visit I shall give him a call and see if we can arrange something.
I would prefer to stay somewhere will just regular swimming pools as when we have stayed in the waterparks the pools are magnificent but there is nowhere you can actually swim.
You can hurtle down flumes, sit in an inflatable and float around a lazy river, dodge huge waves, play water basket ball/volley ball or try to balance your way across on big, slippery stepping stones, but swimming........why would anyone expect to do that?
Also, Lauren always hurts herself bumping down the flume rides. We almost finished up in the Emergency Room last year.
No, pucker pools where you can actually swim will be much better. When we stayed at Disney there were just regular pools and she loved that.
That was a little mad though.
We would be out at the theme parks all day and when we got home she would still want to swim.
It was the only time I have ever been swimming in an outdoor pool at night.
We even got Philip in there. Actually, now I think about it, it was sort of relaxing after a busy day.
Donna should be booking her flights soon.
Once we know exactly when she is going to be here we will book a week mid way through her stay.
The weather here is meant to climb to the upper 80's over the weekend.
I am not sure what that is in "old money".
I feel the need for some summer.
I planted out our Azalea bush yesterday. It is so beautiful. I do hope it will survive the Wisconsin Winter.
It could be a bit iffy. I looked at the recommended zones and I think we just get in. But, they shouldn't sell the things if they are not hardy enough.
We shall see.
Having decided not to go with a "Glorious Carpet of Flowers on a Roll" this year, as the 6 weeds and a daisy that grew from one last year were far from glorious, we will be putting bedding plants down the side of the garage as we have done before.
That worked well in the past. I am thinking we will do that Memorial Weekend which is next weekend.

Looby Loo thought I couldn't see her under here.
I think she was going to ambush me as I went past but I took her piccie instead.


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