Monday, May 10, 2010

Thelma and Louise

This is my friend Pat with her two new kitties.........Thelma and Louise.

She got them on Thursday.
When she phoned me she said she had got a big one and a little one, from the same litter, thinking that they would be boy and girl.
She then told me their colours.
They are calico.
Calico cats are always female. It is something very complicated to do with genetics or plumbing or some such.
So they finished up being called Thelma (big 'un) and Louise (little 'un).
Louise has a spot on her nose so she will be able to tell them apart with that if they finish up the same size.
They are very different personality wise.
Thelma (big 'un) is shy and timid and wanted to hide away.
Louise (little 'un) was not at all shy and was climbing about all over the place.
She is going to know she has that one.
They are very pretty and Pat is thrilled with them.
I am glad as she has been a bit down (crabby) lately and I am hoping they will cheer her up (happify her ).

We didn't do too much this weekend. Sunday was Mother's Day over here.
The cats bought me a garden gnome and some posh popcorn. I was very happy with that.

I would like a recumbent tricycle.
Really.......I would.
I have seen one and it looks so comfy and cool.
Riding a bike doesn't seem to suit me. I found out why. I have a problem with my neck and apparently the way you sit on a regular bike means you sort of lift your head at an unnatural angle to see where you are going.
When I tried it I found it to be true. That is why I have so much back/neck pain when I ride my bike.
I looked at recumbent bikes, which are very good, but they are a bit harder to balance as your centre of gravity is all to buggery (technical term)......or so I am told.
I have a problem balancing my gravy at the best of times so that put me off.
Then I saw the trike. have them if fab colours.
Black with flames - Pink - Flaming Pink.......oh lots.
Trouble is I can't afford one right now (see poxy basement).
I found Target sells them for about $219 but that is still not possible at the moment.
One day I will get a Sexy Recumbent day.

Lastly a little quote from one of my favourite writers of humour. Dave Barry.

Men in Wisconsin are using artificial means to make their cows' udders more attractive in order to win livestock shows. These are competitions in which cows are judged on various characteristics, kind of like human beauty pageant contestants, except that the cows are more likely to know what "Iraq" is.


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