Friday, August 15, 2014

Toast Racks, Thistles and Squirrels

I asked Donna to bring me a toast rack when she came over.
She did.
Do you know you can't buy the things here?
I have been wanting one as I like my toast cool and crisp.  This is quite difficult to achieve without a toast rack and, until I tried to buy one, I hadn't realized they are a very British thing.  I am now very posh and eating my toast and marmite (also brought over) whilst sitting at the window watching the squirrels chase the chipmunks.
My toast now stays crisp.
I know some may like their toast warm and soggy with butter, but not me.
Apparently, since the popularity of Downtown Abbey (over here), more and more Americans are trying to find toast racks.
I may buy one when I am in England, to give to my friend for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Eric the Squirrel, manages quite well without a toast rack.
I love the way he is sitting there with his foot up.  
This contraption is getting old and really we need a replacement.  I have seen ones online that are made like little deckchairs or picnic benches.
I might have to get one of those.   I am easily amused.

I found a Scottish thistle growing in our Milwaukee garden.
Isn't it magnificent.
I have no idea where it came from but I am now taking care of it and watering it.
Anything that grows in Scotland obviously needs a lot of water.

Bubba has been something of a worry this week.
He hasn't been very well and we are preparing for the worst.  Actually, we are not.  We are trying to prepare.
Bubba still holds conversations with me in his little chirruping voice - anyone who has had a Maine Coon cat will probably understand how they make these wonderful little noises.
He is just old and failing.  Looby Loo seems to have picked up that he isn't doing brilliantly and, as you can see here, is comforting him.
She has been doing this all week.
Today he has been a bit brighter.  He isn't in any pain and is eating.
So, we will watch him until it seems he isn't enjoying life and then make that awful decision.
This will be a tough one.   He is 17 years old and I love him dearly.


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