Monday, August 11, 2014


I am trawling through my phone for photos Donna took as my dear husband, bless him, has mistakenly deleted all the photos I had uploaded from my camera.
He is trying to retrieve them but the prospects of success are not great.

This is our little punk rocker at River Rhythms.
The band was an Irish wannabe celtic rock type band, who started weakly but improved as the night went on.
I love the jeans Lauren is wearing.  One leg tartan and the other black.  Sad that I will never wear such stuff again.....sigh.
We also went to the zoo ( photos - gone!) where we had another lovely day.  I am a bit fussy about zoos and don't always like them too much but Milwaukee zoo is above average in my opinion.
Thursday we went to State Fair.
I put one photo of some of the delicacies to be had on facebook before the photo ninja destroyed them all.  I will have a go of getting that one.
Just a mo.....................
Ok .....I am back......let me see.

Here is the sole survivor.
The others were merely photos of us all at the fair having a fab day.......but oh well.
I am sure you are all envious of our opportunity to purchase this delight.
We decided not to, for some reason.
Maybe a cheeseburger with chocolate covered bacon inside a Krispy Kreme donut is not the healthiest of meals but others seemed to like them.

Thursday night Lauren was off to see the band lay down some tracks on their new album.
She came back totally buzzed.
They have been so good to her.  They may play Summerfest next year and have said if she is over here they will give her a back stage pass.
She is well up for that.
Next year is her final year at high school and she takes her exams in the Spring.
This means she will finish school in June.
Summerfest is on for two weeks starting at the end of June and is a huge music festival right on the lakefront. It absolutely dwarf's Warped Tour ( remember that?  Shudder).
So, she tells me she will probably be staying with us for at least 2 months next year.


They sadly flew back on Sunday and I have spoken to Donna.  They had a pleasant trip apart from the drive home from Heathrow to Ashford.
A jacknifed lorry on the M25 meant the one and a half hour journey took 4 hours.
I have been feeling miserable but I shall be going to visit them in 6 weeks time so that will stop me from being too sad.
Also, Lauren is coming to us for Christmas again this year.  Donna is unable to as she can't get the time off work.
So.........I shall be determined to be happy, no negativity allowed in this house.


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