Monday, August 4, 2014


Saturday - off to the Renaissance Faire.
This is always a fun day out.  It is another tiring one, particularly as is it always so hot, but lots of fun none the less.

This was our knight.   Usually we choose the baddie but this time we got a comical one so that worked too.

We saw Queen Elizabeth I  and her entourage.  She was looking quite well considering.
As usual their accents were very good, mostly.   We still can't quite figure out why they keep shouting "Huzzah", every five minutes.
We had never heard this before we came here.  Surely it should be "Hoorah".

There were various buckles getting swashed around the grounds.
I am also assured that there were way too many 'nobby men' for a girl to cope with.
This was demonstrated by Donna walking into things while her eyes were distracted by said 'nobby men'.
I wouldn't know of such things.

This particular 'nobby man' had many a fair maid swooning with an attack of the 'vapours'......not me, of course, I am immune to the likes of him waving his sword about willy-nilly.
Oh....."NURSE........THE SCREENS !!!"


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