Monday, August 4, 2014

The Harley Wave

Sunday - a day to recover from Saturday.

One of Donna's friends turned up with his Harley Davidson motorbike.
As much as I am not a fan of motor bikes, I have to admit it was a beautiful machine.
All the red bits light up.  It is very cool.

Lauren was the first one to venture out on it.
I was worried to death.
He provided her with a helmet, although there is no law here that says you should wear one, but they don't tend to wear the protective clothing.
There she was wearing shorts and t.shirt, going out on a bloody Harley.
The back seat is just like a little arm chair so I was pretty sure she wouldn't fall out but I wasn't really happy until she came back.
He only took her for a little run.

I was offered the chance but graciously declined.  The last time I went on a motorbike was with my brother when I was about 14 - almost 20 years ago (lol).

So, then it was Donna's go.
The hardest part seemed to be getting the helmet on.

Off they zoomed - with me still having kittens about the lack of protective, leather clothing.
I suppose having been brought up with all the safety precautions required for motor bike riding, it is just too unsettling for me to see anyone riding one like this.

She was gone for a long time and just as I was beginning to get worried they returned.....phew!!!
Donna was so chuffed because she got a 'Harley Wave'.
Apparently,  Harley Davidson riders wave to each other when they are out.
Her very first 'Harley Wave'.......whatever next.

Oh...and the band that Lauren visited in their studio the week before last have invited her back to see a recording session. They are laying down some tracks for their next album.  So, she will be there on Thursday evening.

This is certainly a holiday they won't forget in a hurry.


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