Monday, August 25, 2014


It was our anniversary on Friday.
16 years.
Where did the time go?

We went out for a posh meal on Saturday.  It was to a restaurant we hadn't tried before.
This is always a bit of a worry but fortunately, it was all lovely.
I ate quite well really.  I was a bit concerned because my stomach still hasn't settled down from the recent 'unpleasantness'.
I am hoping it will over the next couple of weeks as she has gone on holiday today so it is unlikely that she would phone me.
Oh...I do get in such a state.

Anyway, I am a bit chuffed because I was invited to an event that is being put on by the library.
It is all to do with animals and they said if they put out a table etc for me, would I consider going along, setting out some of my art and explaining to people (kids mostly I think) what it is I do.
Of course I would have loved to do it.  
But, to quote Blackadder,  "The devil farts in my face once more."
The date that this shindig is taking place is in October, when I am in England.
I explained why I couldn't do it and they assured me they would ask me again if they do a similar event.
I still feel quite honoured to have been asked so all is not lost.

This week the weather is weird.
It is very, very hot and we have thunderstorms predicted for every day until next weekend.
90 degrees today and not comfortable.......yuk.
River Rhythms looks unlikely this week.

An old friend of mine from England and his wife have been in New York this past weekend.  I think they return home today, Monday.
I have been thinking about them a lot.  I do hope they have had a fabulous time.  I am looking forward to seeing the photos.  We have never been to New York but it is somewhere we have often talked about visiting.
Maybe when we have got the roof fixed, the furnace fixed and the leaking upstairs shower fixed too - then we will be able to do it........sigh.


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