Thursday, August 21, 2014


Well, I was quite correct.
This week has been pants.
Monday's debacle at the pool has made feel quite ill ever since.
I really don't handle this sort of thing very well, so it has affected me.  I can't stop thinking about it, going over what was said and how bloody awful it was.
She did ring me Tuesday morning but I didn't answer the phone.  Thank goodness for caller i.d.
I can't speak to her yet - if ever really.
I don't know if she is ringing to apologize or if she will just start it all up again by trying to justify her views.
I can't risk it.  I am not putting myself in line for another tirade.
I can't help thinking (as she is a fervent Catholic - she goes to church at least twice a week, goes to bible study classes and attends worship for every event on the Catholic calendar), that if God was listening on Monday ( and she tells me he hears everything ) he will not be at all impressed with her at the moment.
I still think, even though I don't know much, that Jesus would be happy to help the poor and feed the children.
I shall continue on my path of my own beliefs, which I see no need to force on to anyone else, and just do the best I can, when I can for others.
If everyone could do this then maybe we wouldn't have people being beheaded to try to show us all how wonderful a religion is.
I don't know of any god that promotes killing people.  The little I do know about various gods is the shared belief that people should help each other.
I must have got it mixed up with something else I suppose.

But, I did look forward to going to River Rhythms last night.
Gary is back from his trip.  We didn't go last week as Gary was away and it isn't a lot of fun for me sitting their while Philip either reads his kindle or falls asleep. Philip only goes to River Rhythms to keep me happy really - bless him.
The band was crap......oh well.......maybe it wasn't really.  There were a dozen of them on stage.   They all played their instruments well and the singers sang well, but, they were a Puerto Rican salsa band.  Of course they sang completely in Spanish, which was fine but meant we ignorant buggers understood not one word. The other problem was that every song went on monotonously for ever and then when they started another one - it sounded exactly the same.
They had a following which seemed mainly made up of family, and when there are a dozen band members that constitutes quite a goodly number of people.
They spoke in Spanish, which was great for the Spanish speakers in the crowd, who would all laugh or yell back, but it went over our lingually challenged heads.
It was dreadfully boring....well not for those who liked to do a bit of salsa ing but we are not well known for our salsa talents.
But, I had Gary.
I need Gary to spot pseudo-celebs with me and to have a good gossip.
I was not disappointed.
Mr Bean was there last night.   I haven't seen him there before.

He appeared to enjoy the salsa band as much as we did (oh they also did some merengue too which sounds awfully similar to salsa to the uneducated).
River Rhythms has not been on top form this year.
They had a bit of bad luck to start with.  They foolishly chose to have their two most popular bands in the first two weeks.  These first couple of weeks are always a bit dicey as the weather at the beginning of summer is unpredictable.
This year we had really bad storms both weeks and they had to cancel.
So, they lost their big crowd pullers who they usually have towards the end of the season and it hasn't really picked up since.
The quality of the bands has been a bit iffy and we have noticed that the crowds have been much smaller.
I do hope it picks up as it is still a free night out and I like it even if it is just having something to moan about.
Anyway, where else could I see celebs every week.


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