Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mad Hair Day

I woke up this morning with "mad cat lady hair".........I know it is hard to believe.
I mean ......why would that happen to me?
My hair had exploded during the night and was flying out at all angles.
I have no idea what caused it but I have since tamed the stuff.
Talking of cats..........
I poured myself a drink of water the other night, ready to take my vitamins etc, when I looked back there was Lily drinking my water.
I wouldn't mind but we bought them a water fountain thingy just because of her.
She likes the water to be fresh ( something to do with being a Princess I think) so we bought this appliance that keeps the water flowing through a filter.
Then she drinks my water.
I am glad I saw her though. Oh......just thought.......I wonder how many times she has done that and I didn't see?

Philip went fishing on Lake Michigan on Thursday after work.
One of his chums arranges it once a year. There are some big fish out in that lake too.
They charter a large boat and whatever they catch is cleaned and filletted for them when they get back.
Bit woosie I suppose but the alternative might be me cleaning them and that ain't gonna happen.
Anyway, he came back with lots of salmon.
Whole sides of salmon.
One of his mates caught a king salmon (whatever that is) and he said it was enormous.

I shall give some to my mate June, who takes me swimming. Pat wouldn't want any because she doesn't eat fish.
I have wrapped it and put it in the freezer. I bet you can't guess what we will be eating all this weekend.
Salmon and ............... chocolate...doesn't sound bad.
We are going to Chocolate Fest tomorrow. This is held every year over Memorial Weekend.
3 days of chocolate, music, food & fun.

We will take Gary too. I don't know if he has been before.
I think the kite thing is on this weekend too but the chocolate is calling to me.

It seems that Lauren will be staying with us for the month of August. That will be brill.
Donna checked flight prices with Virgin Airlines and they were double what they were last year.
She was quoted over a thousand pounds just for Lauren.
I know it is expensive to fly during the kids' summer holidays but that was ridiculous.
Of course no one wants to book with BA at the moment because they keep going on strike.
I checked out American Airlines and United Airlines.
They were almost half the price that Donna had been quoted.
I usually fly American and when Donna and Lauren came over in February they did too.
I think when they came in February it only cost around six hundred and fifty pounds total for both of them.
This is one of the reasons I try to come over to England after the kids' summer holidays. Such a rip off otherwise.

Looby Loo is getting better at this hiding mallarky.
Now if she could just remember she has a tail.


At June 4, 2010 at 2:52 PM , Blogger Molly's Mom said...

I always found continental bloody good value and great staff too

At June 4, 2010 at 4:51 PM , Blogger Sue Banks said...

Unfortunately Continental don't fly in/out of Chicago. If you get a connecting flight it has a habit of being delayed or cancelled so it is easy to get stranded somewhere. This is why I only ever get a direct flight. It wouldn't be a good idea to put Lauren on anything other than a direct flight as me & Donna worry enough about her flying alone without worrying if she gets stranded in New York or somewhere. LOL...nightmare.


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